Palaces and gardens throughout Baden-Württemberg in South-West Germany

Our Monuments

Magnificent historic buildings and gardens: from Lake Constance and the Upper Rhine, to the Electoral Palatinate and Hohenlohe. Click on the map below to explore our heritage sites.

Monumentenkarte Englisch Mannheim Baroque Palace Heidelberg Palace Dilsberg Fortress Ruins Bruchsal Palace Karlsruhe Botanical Gardens The Sepulchral Chapel Rötteln Castle Badenweiler Castle Badenweiler Roman Bath Ruins Hohenstaufen Rastatt Residential Palace Rastatt Favorite Palace Hohenbaden Old Castle Yburg Castle Alt-Eberstein Castle Allerheiligen Monastery Ruins Alpirsbach Monastery Bebenhausen Monastery and Palace Hirsau Monastery Solitude Palace Sepulchral Chapel on the Württemberg Ludwigsburg Residential Palace Kirchheim Palace Ludwigsburg Favorite Palace Wäscherschloss Castle Urach Residential Palace Wiblingen Monastery Lorch Monastery Grosscomburg Monastery Ellwangen Palace Schöntal Monastery Weikersheim Palace and Garden Hochburg Castle Hüfingen Roman Bath Ruins Hohentwiel Fortress Ruins Heiligkreuztal Monastery Ochsenhausen Monastery Schussenried Monastery Tettnang New Palace Meersburg New Palace Salem Monastery and Palace Meersburg Prince’s Little House Schwetzingen Palace and Gardens Maulbronn Monastery